a warm-hearted energy

that enhances your healing process

View our Summer 2023 Scheduled Retreats Below

Our Body Mind Restoration Retreats were created to serve the ever-growing need to provide a safe and quality environment to eliminate toxins and deficiencies from the body. We work to give people the knowledge to clarify mental processes and allow the body/mind to realize the health it was naturally intended to have.

Come learn how to achieve your
homeostatic balance and harmonious inner peace.

2023 Summer Retreat Dates

A 50% deposit is required for all retreats.

  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (10-Day Retreat)
    Friday, June 23 – Sunday, July 2
  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (12-Day Retreat)
    Monday, July 3 – Friday, July 14
  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (10-Day Retreat)
    Friday, July 28 – Sunday, August 6
  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (8-Day Retreat)
    Monday, August 7 – Monday, August 14

    — OR —

  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (18-Day Retreat)
    Friday, July 28 – Monday, August 14
  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (10-Day Retreat)
    Friday, September 1 – Sunday, September 10
  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (8-Day Retreat)
    Monday, September 11 – Monday, September 18
    — OR —
  • Body Mind Cleansing Retreat (18-Day Retreat)
    Friday, September 1 – Monday, September 18

The two 8-day and 18-day retreats will offer the option of Plant Based Whole Foods diet for the last four days of the retreat!

We will be offering raw food cleansing retreat diet including wheatgrass juice, energy soup, salads and krauts, rejuvelac, seed cheeses, etc. You may choose either diet for the duration of the retreat

what we offer

We offer fresh (mostly from our garden) organic vegetables, sprouted grains, and nuts and seeds prepared in easy-to-assimilate-and-digest recipes that alkalize the body while providing ortho-molecular nutrition to correct deficiencies. The classes on colon care and optional colonics, aerobics and pond side saunas help the body eliminate toxins that may have accumulated over the course of a lifetime.

more about our day

Yoga, Cognitive Kinesiology, and meditation help the participant to understand the way in which breath, posture, mental focus, reflection and guided visualizations enable the mind to assist the body in bringing about a homeostatic balance and harmonious inner environment.

daily schedule

A morning wakeup to peaceful music, a day of healing classes or exercises, and an evening of relaxing camaraderie–we know you’ll enjoy the days you spend with us. Daily schedules are designed to be flexible and adaptive. Explore the wide range of activities available, select the classes you gravitate towards and release yourself!

health benefits

The blending of a living foods diet with aerobics, yoga, guided visualization, and meditation gives dramatic relief to body and mind. The atmosphere at the retreat is very warmhearted and supportive. Though we are not a medical facility, many guests have reduced or eliminated their medications with the approval of their own physicians due to the rejuvenating nature of all meals and activities during the retreats.

retreat classes

Our retreat classes range from physical and mental exercises (cognitive kinesiology), education in preventative medicines, meditation, yoga, instruction in recipes, and more. Our retreats offer more than an opportunity to detoxifying and cleanse the body, they educate our guests on how to carry these fundamental lifestyle habits into their daily lives beyond their stay with us.