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homeostatic balance throughout your body & mind

The blending of a living foods diet with yoga, guided visualization, and meditation gives dramatic relief to body and mind. The atmosphere at the retreat is very warmhearted and supportive. Though we are not a medical facility, many guests have reduced or eliminated their medications with the approval of their own physicians due to the rejuvenating nature of all meals and activities during the retreats.

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diet & atmosphere

The living foods diet, with wheatgrass and other juices, provides very high quality, easily assimilated nutrition. Wheatgrass juice, colon care, exercise and saunas all work to nourish and detoxify the body, especially the liver and colon. Yoga, guided visualization, and meditation help reduce stress and calm the mind. The blending of these practices gives dramatic relief to body and mind. The atmosphere at the retreat is very warmhearted and supportive.

how we can help

Below you can find descriptions of some of the many health problems that we have helped. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about a particular symptom and our experience with it. We are not a medical facility. Our guests have reduced or eliminated their medications with the approval of their own physicians.

Over the years we have successfully helped hundreds of people with a wide range of symptoms. The retreat has also helped those in good health maintain and upgrade. Come take a healthful vacation and enjoy the wonderful opportunities for recreation, relaxation and good health.

Weight Loss

While “fat farms” offer a calorie restricted, healthful diet and an exercise program to help with weight loss, they fail to offer a thorough cleansing program that upgrades health and facilitates additional weight loss. They also fail to make the body/mind connection that allows people to make quantum leaps in health. Our cleansing is more thorough, the nutrition is organic and of higher quality, and the weight loss is very dramatic. Rather than emphasize “behavior modification,” the retreat offers sophisticated nutrition information that allows people to make informed lifestyle choices.


The diet and exercise aspects of the program work to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels naturally. One man, who has attended the last five years, worked in a blood analysis laboratory prior to his retirement. Before coming to the retreat for the first time, he did his own blood work. He did it again when he returned home to check what had happened. He was astonished by the changes and has returned every summer since then.

Crohn's Disease and Colitis

One person arrived with such severe intestinal pain from Crohn’s Disease, that, after flying in from California, he asked to be taken to the hospital for sedation. He changed his mind on the way to the center. By the end of the retreat, he was completely symptom-free. He corresponds with us regularly and is still symptom-free many years later. He has even managed to eat his arch nemesis – pizza – every now and then without any discomfort.

Chronic Fatigue

It is not unusual for people with long-term chronic fatigue to experience dramatic increases in vitality and energy. We have had people arrive with strength only to walk slowly about the grounds who, at the end of a retreat, were able to fast-walk the four-mile trail just off the grounds. One participant arrived after having spent almost two years barely able to get out of bed. Complications from surgery had led to a year of antibiotics and a subsequent energy crash. By the end of the retreat, she was able to jog ½ mile up hill. After returning home, she e-mailed us that her children wanted to know, “What have you done with our mother?!” Her husband called us overjoyed.

Acid Reflux

People arrive taking prescription strength antacids find that they are able to gradually reduce or eliminate their medicine. In 1998, the nephew of Marcia, the director of the program, arrived one summer while on prescription antacids. He had been taking them for several years. By the end of the summer he was completely off his medicine and has stayed off it ever since.


“Within two days at the retreat, the arthritic pains in my knees totally disappeared, especially the ones while walking downhill and downstairs — A MIRACLE! Aside from substantial weight loss and looking ten years younger, the most amazing experience was the total disappearance of pain from my arthritic knees within two days of being at this magic place.” 

Jessica D., Textile Designer


A type one (juvenile onset) diabetic comes every year to help manage her disease. The first year she came, she reduced her dosage of insulin from 40 units to 4. A 35-year-old woman who was told that she would be insulin dependent for the rest of her life was able to recover completely. Her case is not unusual.

Migraine Headaches

We have had several people come through the program who had been suffering for years from strong migraine headaches. A couple attended from New York City. The wife had been experiencing migraines for over ten years. Her husband came to support her effort to relieve her headaches at the retreat. When she left, she had no symptoms. The couple returns each summer to renew themselves. She no longer has migraines, except very occasionally and very faintly, and she knows what to do to relieve them. Other people have had success relieving migraines completely. Every person reporting migraines has experienced varying degrees of relief.

“The retreats have massively reduced heavy metal poisoning that has plagued me most of my adult life crippling my circulatory systems and heart. Better, the skills and information I absorbed have changed by lifestyle immensely.”

“When I arrived two years ago my blood pressure was 205/100 on medication. Today my pressure is 120/70 without taking medication. Thank you David and Marcia and staff for giving me the tools for my health transformation.”

“What an amazing experience! My joints feel so much better. I can feel myself “melting away” in a good way. A great staff, great foods prepared with so much love in a soft green paradise. Thanks so much!!!”