A typical day begins at 6:00AM when a wandering accordionist meanders the grounds playing music at each of the residences. Those who choose to rise have time to clean up, stretch and come to the meditation hall located in a grove of large beech trees. Others go for walks or amble down to the pond-side sauna for early morning activities.

At 7:00, we juice and drink wheatgrass. Most take off for brisk walks ranging up to 4 miles. Paths run through state forests and the Finger Lakes Trail.

Breakfast is waiting at 8:30. The rest of the morning is filled with classes: either recipe, rebounding, aerobics or yoga.

Lunch is served at 12:00. The afternoon class is health maintenance at 1:15 pm followed by saunas and swimming. There is also break time for those wanting to nap, sunbathe or catch up on personal affairs.

Cognitive kinesiology, a series of exercises using the breath which enable a person to safely explore the range of motion of the body with particular emphasis on the spinal column, hip and shoulder sockets. It also uses guided visualizations to clarify the body/mind connection. Dinner follows.

The evening meditation starts at 7:15 pm and is followed by a talk by David Radin, director of the Ithaca Zen Center. Afterwards, people gather in the dining hall for tea and camaraderie. Some head off to the sauna or the pond, some to bed.

Massages are available on premises.

Day one: Arrive anytime after 2:00 pm. Participants needing to set up their own tent should arrive by 3:30 PM (rented retreat center tents are already set up.) Dinner is at 5:30pm.

All other days: (subject to change)
6:00 AM - wake up
6:30 - meditation
7:00 - wheatgrass juice or brisk walk
7:30 - yoga
8:30 - breakfast
9:30 - yoga
10:45 - rebounding or recipe class
12:00 PM - lunch
1:15 - health maintenance
3:00 - juice bar
3:15 - understanding the mind - a deeper look at meditation
4:30 - cognitive kinesiology or special class
6:00 - dinner
7:15 - meditation and talk
8:15 - evening program - movie, Tibetan healing bowl concert, talent show, campfire, opening or closing ceremony, or special presentation

Saunas and swimming - throughout the day