These retreats were created to serve the ever growing need to provide a safe and quality environment to eliminate toxins and deficiencies from the body. We work to give people the knowledge to clarify mental processes and allow the body/mind to realize the health it was naturally intended to have.

This is done by offering fresh (mostly from our garden) organic vegetables, sprouted grains, and nuts and seeds prepared in easy-to-assimilate-and-digest recipes that alkalize the body while providing ortho-molecular nutrition to correct deficiencies. The classes on colon care and optional colonics, aerobics and pond side saunas help the body eliminate toxins that may have accumulated over the course of a lifetime.

Yoga, Cognitive Kinesiology, and meditation help the participant to understand the way in which breath, posture, mental focus, reflection and guided visualizations enable the mind to assist the body in bringing about a homeostatic balance and harmonious inner environment.