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"Before going to the retreat in August, 2014, I was in so much pain and so sick. I have ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, IBS, endometriosis, migraines, arthritis, and a severe back injury with metal holding my spine together. Every day I took 13 different medications, yet even on a good day I could not walk more than a block or bend over enough to wash my own hair.
My life has totally changed since the retreat. Within a few days I was moving better and not in nearly as much pain. By the end of the retreat I was doing jumping jacks on the rebounder!!! It made me cry, I was so happy. Now, 7 months later, I walk almost 2 miles a day; I'm actually sleeping, and I'm off all but 4 of my medications. My health is better than it has been since I was a teenager, and if that was not enough, I have gone from a size 18 to a 14. I can't wait to do the retreat again and get even more from it."
-Dani B.
Significant shifts in blood results taken directly after 22 days of Body Mind Retreat detox as tested by an independent lab: Nick L.
"12 years living with a disease, 12 days of hope. What more can one ask for? Coming to the retreat I had intense pain throughout my body, joint and muscle aches, toes that didn't move and a very heavy heart. I've spent so many years going from doctor to doctor trying to find what else I could do with this terrible disease called Fibromyalgia. Within four days of arriving here 80 to 85% of my inflammation was gone helping me to have relief from some of that intense pain. David, Marcia, the staff, the grounds, the energy, the other people here experiencing the retreat, all contributed to this miraculous feeling. I go home with so much hope and knowledge about how to take care of my body in a much gentler way. There really are no words to express my gratitude for my experience, my knowledge, leaving here with clarity and a lightness in my heart . All I can say is thank you to the universe for allowing me this opportunity."
Bonnie K
"Over the last 2-3 years my eyesight has been sliding downhill to the point that before coming to the retreat, I committed to an eye exam when I got back from the retreat so that I could get glasses. When I was in a large room, like your dining room the faces of the people on the far side of the room would be totally blurred. I was not able to read street names on the signs until I was right at the intersection. If I was going to watch a movie on the TV, I would have to sit around 6 feet from the set. So, with that frustration, I decided to bite the bullet and get glasses. Well, two days after I get back from the retreat, I make my call and set up the eye appointment, hang up and then realize that the fuzziness is completely gone. I couldn't believe it so I got to my appointment today and he confirms that my eyesight is back to where it was 5 years ago before the decline started. Don't need glasses!!! Thanks!!!"
James, Permaculturist
"I want to let you know that you are one of the key players that I hold personally responsible for my speedy recovery from surgery/chemo and positive lifestyle changes. The retreat gave me renewed strength and healing of body, mind and spirit. Both of you maintain such a wonderful presence that is deep, unassuming and heartfelt. A truly transformational experience."
Elizabeth B.
"How can I thank you for performing a MIRACLE on my daughter! Her liver disease was supposed to be 'incurable'. Now, for the last 8 months, she has no symptoms, takes NO medication (doctors told her she doesn't need it) and feels wonderful. Her doctors at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan can't explain it but after my stay at the retreat, I can say I saw the MAGIC. The retreat has changed my life."
Jaye S., Speech Pathologist
"After a decade of incredible suffering due to migraines, which simply got worse and worse -- and the awful medication I had to take all the time to control the pain-- (I was incapacitated towards the end of almost every week for several hours up to two days), I discovered the Body Mind Restoration Retreats and signed up immediately. The painful condition I had had for years shifted once I had spent two weeks at my first retreat -- I learned how not to get migraines! I started eating foods that prevented headaches; I began regular exercise; I came to respect the importance of sleep; I came to understand the importance of caring for my colon -- and that these were things I could take responsibility for. Today I get faint reminders, very infrequently, of my former migraine condition -- they don't even hurt me, they just come on gently, like being tired at the end of the week. I just get a massage, get some rest, take care of my diet and cleansing -- it is just incredible, incredible!! Best of all: no drugs whatsoever necessary, thank you. And I never get colds, flu, bronchial or any other infections. Thank you Body Mind Retreats!!
Carolyn H., Attorney
"Every doctor of family medicine should attend this retreat!"
Kay D., M.D.
"My coworkers, my friends and girl friend can't believe what happened. I lost 20 pounds during one retreat, feel better in every way, and don't even crave bad foods. I still have trouble understanding how it happened in ten days. I am more aware of how to take care of my physical and mental health. Thank you for everything."
Todd G., Engineer
"The day I arrived at the retreat, I weighed 220 lbs. Today, (one month after) I am 195. As you know, I had tried to get my body in check through the medical community. Sleep apnea, hypertension and an arterial branch occlusion had led my doctor to double my dosage of blood pressure pills. After the retreat I began my quest to get off the blood pressure medicine. And today I am off the medicine after having been checked by my doctor! I just love you guys!"
Tom Y., Graphic Designer
"Within two days at the retreat, the arthritic pains in my knees totally disappeared, especially the ones while walking downhill and down stairs -- A MIRACLE! Aside from substantial weight loss and looking ten years younger, the most amazing experience was the total disappearance of pain from my arthritic knees within two days of being at this magic place."
Jessica D., Textile Designer
"I left the Body/Mind Restoration Retreat cleansed and recharged with many new tools for healing that have benefited me and my clients enormously. Marcia Radin is a gem, and the chance to experience her wisdom and her huge good humor is in itself worth the price of admission."
Lucy V., Physicians Assistant, Homeopathic Consultant
"Before attending the Body/Mind Retreats, I had suffered from chronic gastrointestinal reflux (for which I took powerful medicine) for five years, and severe psoriasis for 13 years. After one summer of retreats, both illnesses cleared up at least 90 percent! Using the diet information and recipes I learnt at the retreats, I feel in complete control of my health. A great feeling! Don't sell yourself short - anything is possible!"
Josh S., Craftsman, Peace Corps Volunteer
"A celebration of healing! I learned a new understanding of the perfection of the human body as it is. The folly of addressing illness by treating only outward symptoms became apparent as true healing from within manifested in person after person."
Penelope G., R.N., Colonic Hydrotherapist
"After suffering from autoimmune hepatitis for many years, I was diagnosed completely symptom-free after participating in several retreats. My doctors were completely astonished. The retreat was life-altering experience!"
Tara S., Medical Student
"It is the first and only program I have found in thirty years that tackles and beats the problems of blood glucose control and total diabetes management."
Susan E., Stock Broker
"A severe clinical depression held me prisoner for twenty years until this program. I must say I am stunned it worked because I have tried everything, from numerous prescription medications and therapies to alcohol and drugs. Unequivocally, this worked. I feel it is essential for anyone dealing with depression."
Karen K., Designer
"For those suffering from chronic illness caused by toxicity, this retreat offers a profound detoxification program."
Dr. Richard C., D.C.
"I was plagued with chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental illness for over two years. Before the retreats I could not even climb stairs. Toward the end of the second retreat, I was running the four and a half mile walking trail near the Ithaca Zen Center daily."
Joseph G., Aeronautics Engineer, President, IDI Aerospace
"A retreat of this caliber, if you could find it, that so skillfully employs diet, exercise, meditation and cognitive kinesiology to facilitate a richer life costs several thousand dollars elsewhere. And, in truth, there is no other program of this kind."
Hayya M., Guidance Counselor and Counseling Therapist
"I arrived at the retreat during during one of my worst flare-ups of Crohn's disease, so bad that I was contemplating abandoning the retreat in favor of sedated hospital visit. By the end, I felt completely symptom free. The key to my healing was the wonderful combination of diet, rest, and exercise. After following the maintenance diet for the past six months, I feel that I have finally overcome my CD. I feel completely normal - no pains at all. Your retreat was a turning point in my life."
Noah L., Engineer
"David and Marcia are an invaluable combination. There was a great abundance of care, humor, expert teaching, creativity and insight."
Jake R., Retired Professor, Politics

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